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HMC Vision Statement:

We are the prototype of innovation in music enrichment, education and outreach.

  • Changing individual lives
  • Strengthening the community

HMC Mission Statement:

HMC Values: 

Our mission is to provide quality music education for children and adults, to strive for excellence while focusing on enjoyment, to train both recreational and professional musicians and to foster a love of music in both.

• We believe in providing affordable, high-quality music instruction education.

• We believe music enhances a child’s ability to learn and to accomplish better result in school.

• We believe a community comes together through the arts.

How We Got Started

Harmony Music Gate was established as a private music school in 2009 when the owner, Olena Osika, saw that there was a lack of music schools in Bahrain who cared about offering music lessons that combined the right balance of nurture, discipline, and top-quality music instructions. Olena began with only few students from all over Bahrain.

When the number of students grew, Olena opened her first location in Budaiya in 2010 to accommodate the demand for the education she offered. 

Today, that number has grown to over two hundred families from local areas such as Budaiya, Saar, Isa Town, Janabiyah and more. There are six teachers now: piano, guitar, violin, drums and vocal specialists, who are working as part of Olena’s team. In 2016 Harmony Music Gate got approval from the Ministry of Education and was renamed as Harmony Music Center. Harmony Music Center offers the best quality of music education possible for students of all ages. Our students have continually ranked and placed at the top of competitions, festivals, and the prestigious ABRSM, Trinity and Trinity Rock & Pop examinations.

Why We’re Different

HMC was founded on a tested belief that music is a tool to teach valuable entrepreneurial and life skills. These skills for everyday life, like self-sufficiency, self-esteem, discipline and organization, are essential in building a better quality of life for individuals – and for communities.

Through strategic planning, we are refining our path. At HMC, we are linking life skills and entrepreneurship to music education/enrichment and inspiring individual achievement by transferring music skills to everyday behaviors.

We use the power of the land-grant vision to find sustainable solutions to today’s problems: across disciplines and cultures, and in partnerships with fellow organizations and cultural centers.True to our land-grant values, we are inclusive. HMC addresses an audience from ages 3 to 100 from the local community it is poised to offer a unique blend of possibilities in Bahrain.

HMC offers a program of sequential, age-appropriate skills learning – to increase accomplishments every year. These offerings will begin and build on a „stair step‟ of individual achievement – encompassing Maslow's hierarchy of needs – for our audience. We are establishing a well aligned transition variety grade curriculum and we are clearly identifying, teaching and measuring sequential skills learning.