Mr. Karol Masternak
Mr. Karol Masternak Manager and Instructor of Kuwait Music Academy, Graduated piano at Music Academy in Bydgoszcz Poland. He represented Poland at the prestigious 14th International Chopin Competition in Warsaw 2000, in the same year he was nominated as an Ambassador of the native city, Szczecin. He also performed many concerts as a piano soloist and with chamber ensembles in several cities of Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Norway, France, and Gulf Countries. In 2008, he worked in Germany under outstanding pianist and composer Andreas Kohl. He was a jury member of the 5th and 6th Kuwaiti & Gulf International Chopin Competition.
Mr. Viktor Shramko
Mr. Viktor Shramko Graduated in 2018 with honors from Orchestral Wind and Percussion Instruments Faculty at R. M. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music in Ukraine. Worked in the orchestra of National Radio Company of Ukraine, also as a guest clarinetist he played in the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, Kyiv Fantastic orchestra, chamber and orchestral projects of Kyiv Kamerata orchestra. Performed as a soloist, ensemble, and orchestra musician on the most prestigious stages of Ukraine. Since 2016 became a member of Moldovan National Youth Orchestra under Maestros Gabriel Bebeselea (Romania) and Cristian Spătaru (Moldova). In 2017 took part in the Young Euro Classic at Konzerthaus of Berlin. Worked as a Music Instructor in Ukraine and Singapore. Since 2019 teaching at Kuwait Music Academy.
Ms. Olha Kochura
Olha Kochura graduated S.S. Hulak-Artemovsky Music College and continued her higher music education in I.P. Kotlyarevsky University of Arts in Kharkov, where she possessed Master's Degree with honor and obtained qualifications "accompanist, chamber ensemble performer, piano teacher of a higher school institution, researcher".
She started her professional career in 2010 and was working as a piano teacher and accompanist in Specialized Music Boarding School and different music schools in Kharkov and was working as a head of pedagogical practice department at University of Arts (2010-2016). Olha started her career at HMC as a piano teacher in 2016, from September 2018 she has been appointed as a Managing Director of HMC.
Mrs. Olena Osika
Olena Osika is an internationally established piano teacher & performer, accompanist, founder of Musician Idol Competition, founder & owner of Harmony Music Center – one of the leading Music Institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Ms. Olena has graduated from Regional Music College in Ukraine and Kharkov State Academy of Culture and obtained Bachelor’s Degree in music art and Master’s Degree in Social Pedagogue. From 2003 Ms. Olena started her piano and music teaching career in the Kingdom of Bahrain, she worked in many music schools across the island. In 2009 she established Harmony Music Center that offers music lessons that combine the balance of nurture, discipline, and top-quality music instructions. From small beginnings Harmony has grown into one of the largest institutions of its’ type in the country.
Mrs. Victoria Sushanova-Shen
Victoria Sushanova-Shen is a prolific piano performer and award-winner of more than 20 significant international competitions. Along with that, Victoria has PhD degree in arts, and participates in various international conferences and symposiums, as well as has published 13 of her scientific and researching works in prominent music editions.

Being an experienced and dedicated piano teacher, Victoria has co-founded a successful educational platform Honey Academy in Kharkiv, Ukraine.