Group Early Childhood
Music Programs

Learning the proper technique with the proper instrument, getting started with the saxophone is an easily reachable goal.

Group Early Childhood Music Programs

This small group class for children ages 3-5 gives students a head starts in music in a fun way! Unlike other early childhood music education programs, ours teaches a comprehensive curriculum, covering topics from reading music to rhythm, all while introducing and exposing students to instruments through games, activities, and fun! With small class sizes of no more than 6 students, there is plenty of room for individual attention.

Once students graduate from Level Up Junior, they will be ready to begin private lessons in the instrument of their choice, as long as it’s appropriate for their age. No matter what instrument they study going forward, they will have a huge head start and a strong musical foundation for the rest of their life! At this age, students’ minds are easily molded, and our goal is to instill critical music foundations and knowledge, as well as an ongoing appreciation of music. By the time students complete this program, they will be able to read and clap rhythms, read over an octave of notes on the grand staff, and possess knowledge about instruments such as the piano, guitar, violin, and voice!

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