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Guitar Lessons

Are you passionate about singing? Want to build a better connection with the audience? Want to feel more confident while performing? Or perhaps your child is very inclined towards music?


There are chords and moves you will never be able to grab simply because you hold the guitar wrong! When you take lessons at Harmony Music Center, you get the added benefit of building the correct foundation. This helps you to learn important skills like technique that will ultimately benefit your musical progress.

Our guitar lessons are structured to match the student needs whether you are learning acoustic, classic, bass or electric guitar.

Classical Guitar

One of the best things about learning to play classical guitar is that it helps to gradually improve your playing so you can eventually develop flawless technique. Playing classical guitar at your best and highest-level means working on your technique non-stop because the work is never done. This ultimately makes the process of learning and growing more fun. Sure, modern guitar styles do have their perks but in essence, they can never attempt to match the simplicity and the elegance of classical guitar. Best of all, there is no age limit for learning to play classical guitar because the basic tenets of classical guitar apply to everyone; all it takes is a little hard work and commitment to the cause. So, go ahead, sign up for that first classical guitar lesson today at Harmony!

Acoustic Guitar

There is no more basic way to learn to play guitar than to start out playing simple chords on an acoustic. No need to worry about how to play solos or complicated songs. Just concentrate on the basics, like your technique and your chord vocabulary. If you are hoping to become a real-life, functional, song-playing guitarist in the quickest way possible, this is the path to choose.

Bass Guitar

It may not always be center stage, but the bass is arguably the most important instrument on the bandstand. The bass guitar serves as the glue that holds all the other instruments together, and a solid bass line can make all the difference between a hit song and an average one. If you are interested in learning how to play bass will not be long until you can hold down a steady groove and unlock a world of musical collaboration. It is easy to get down the basics of bass but make no mistake – mastering this instrument takes just as much work as any other. That is why it is important to have a qualified teacher guide you along your journey through the low end of the sonic spectrum. At Harmony Music center you will learn topics such as the anatomy of the bass guitar, how to tune, how to practice, and how to read bass tabs.

Electric Guitar

Electric guitars are a little easier to play than classical and acoustic guitars. The strings are a bit lighter; the neck is a bit thinner, and for hands that are not used to fretting chords that makes things more comfortable. With the electric guitar, you have many, many choices when it comes to the sound of your guitar, your amp and even which affects you choose.

Trial Lessons

• Obtain up to two trial lessons prior committing to a full term or month
• No registration or deposit fee required for trial class

Registration Fee

• Non-refundable per student one-time registration fee is due at the time of registration prior course enrollment
• Withdrew from HMC for three or more consecutive months are required to pay registration fee again
• Student CPR is required
• Student photos will be taken at HMC premises to complete the registration

Refundable Permanent Tuition Deposit Fee

• Refundable permanent tuition deposit per student is due at the time of registration prior course enrollment
• Failure to submit the Withdrawal Form two weeks prior to the effective end date will lead to permanent tuition deposit forfeited.
• Withdrew from HMC for three or more consecutive months are required to pay deposit fee again

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