Private & Online
Recorder Lessons

A recorder is one of the most essential wind instruments that every child should learn. It is one of the best skills that can be bestowed on a child. Learning to play the recorder is beneficial to those who want to learn how to play the flute later


You will learn how to
Control breathing as needed when playing
Coordinate finger movement, breathing as well as tongue movements
How to be musical and connect emotionally to whatever you are playing
How to read music

Trial Lessons

• Obtain up to two trial lessons prior committing to a full term or month
• No registration or deposit fee required for trial class

Registration Fee & Refundable Permanent Tuition Deposit Fee

• Non-refundable per student one-time registration fee and deposit is due at the time of registration prior course enrollment
• Withdrew from HMC for three or more consecutive months are required to pay registration fee and deposit again
• Student CPR is required
• Student photos will be taken at HMC premises to complete the registration
• Failure to submit the Withdrawal Form two weeks prior to the effective end date will lead to permanent tuition deposit forfeited

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