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Ukulele Lessons

If everyone played the ukulele, the world would be a better place
It makes you let your guard down
It brings out the child in all of us


Harmony offers’ Ukulele lessons from kids to adults, beginners to the most experienced ones. The ukulele is a fun and enchanting small guitar. There is no denying of the Ukulele charm. The tone and the volume of the ukulele varies with size and its construction. The Ukulele comes in four sizes namely: Soprano, convert, tenor and the baritone. It is a great instrument to start with when you are an expert looking for a little variety or just a complete beginner that never played an instrument before.

Trial Lessons

• Obtain up to two trial lessons prior committing to a full term or month
• No registration or deposit fee required for trial class

Registration Fee & Refundable Permanent Tuition Deposit Fee

• Non-refundable per student one-time registration fee and deposit is due at the time of registration prior course enrollment
• Withdrew from HMC for three or more consecutive months are required to pay registration fee and deposit again
• Student CPR is required
• Student photos will be taken at HMC premises to complete the registration
• Failure to submit the Withdrawal Form two weeks prior to the effective end date will lead to permanent tuition deposit forfeited

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