Music School Lessons vs In-Home Music Lessons
At Harmony, the administrative staff interviews teachers about their professional and performance experiences and learns teachers’ personalities to find the best match for prospective students. Teachers at a music studio will have earned advanced music degrees from reputable conservatories and universities and will have active performing and teaching careers. Additionally, HMC typically performs background checks on all teachers to ensure the quality of music education.
Consistency in Lessons Scheduling
The Harmony Music Center ensures consistency by reserving student time with the teacher in a master schedule and manages teachers’ schedules so that they are not double scheduled or overbooked for lessons. Additionally, since there are likely several teachers available at the same time, you will be able to schedule multiple family members at the same time.
With in-home lessons, you would either have to schlep to multiple locations for simultaneous lessons, or spend hours in succession while multiple family members study with the same teacher. Either way, it is a waste of time and money!
In-home teachers rarely have an attendance policy, and if they do, it is loose and hard to uphold. Consistency in lessons is critical, especially in the beginning, because the teacher helps enforce good technique and practice habits to help the student become a more solid and independent musician later on.

Harmony Music Center is an educational institution, the office staff handles all your scheduling and billing needs in a timely manner for your convenience. Harmony has procedures and attendance policies in place, should a student or teacher need to cancel a lesson, including substitute teachers, make- up classes and/or the opportunity to reschedule with the teacher. This way, you will maintain consistency and will not interrupt musical progress.
Learning Environment
Ever try to do something important with the TV blaring, the phone ringing, the dog barking, the baby crying, and the vacuum going? Sounds stressful? Now try to picture concentrating on a music lesson on top of all that hubbub, and add an out- of- tune instrument, broken amplification equipment, and no music stand to be found. Home is a place to live and school is a place to learn. You can stay focused and make more progress at music school, where they provide private classrooms and well-kept facilities conducive to learning and improving musicianship. Harmony Music Center is designed to help students focus on what they came here for — music.
Are You Progressing?
With the lax scheduling and distractions of in-home lessons, it is harder to see if you have progressed as much as you would like. You may have a teacher who comes unprepared or unplanned to teach, or who appears to be all over the place with his/her instruction. Basically, it is hard to know whether the instruction you are receiving is best for you. How do you know if you are successfully moving from level to level? How do you stay motivated while in musical isolation?
Like a regular school, the teachers at Harmony Music Center have crafted syllabuses, addressing cognitive and musical objectives that students should be able to understand and perform at each level. They will often tailor instruction to meet each student’s musical goals. Farther more parents are receiving four times a year progress reports and host evaluations, detailing students’ strengths and areas for growth. Performance evaluations provide an invaluable opportunity for students to give a formal presentation of their prepared repertoire, technical exercises, and musicianship in front of the faculty.
So, lessons at home or lessons at school? What’s right for you? Since everyone needs and priorities are different, it is all about what’s right for you and your family! However, Harmony Music Center is confident that you will love your experiences with us. We make it our mission to provide the best music lessons in Bahrain, where growth, progress, passion, and joy are all at the forefront of our instruction.