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  • New students and their parents are encouraged to schedule a trial class with the Designated Instructor after meeting with the Front Office Registrar as part of the registration process.


  • BD 10/ per student non-refundable one-time registration fee is due at the time of registration.  Students who wish to take lessons again after three or more months of inactivity will be charged a second registration fee.
  • By registering at Harmony Music Center, you are agreeing to abide by the guidelines and rules of HMC policies. 


The academic year is divided into three terms : 

  • First term:  September,1 to January, 31
  • Second term: February,1 to June,30
  • Summer term: July,1 to August,31

To reserve specific day/days or time, slot have to be book  in advance, deposit payment required.

  • First term reservation open  from May,1.
  • Second term reservation open from December, 1.
  • Summer term – reservation open from April, 1

Currently enrolled students have to confirm their time within one week from the reservation opened date, after one week all slots will be reserved on a first come – first serve basis.


  • Term fee tuition must be paid in full or divided in two parts  as per the tuition schedule before every new term. First term September/January, second term February/June. .
  • Amwaj students can be enrolled to courses in monthly or termly basis with monthly tuition rate only.
  • Monthly fee tuition must be paid in full each month, before the 1st of every month.
  • Adjustments to fees will not be made to accommodate vacations taken by the students.
  • Student’s lesson times are permanent for the full term unless the instructor has an available opening in his/her schedule.
  • Tuition includes your child’s individualized plan for their course of study, recital preparation, repertoire planning, incentive prizes, and supplementary sheet music.
  • All classes should be done within a payment period.
  • Books and other instructional materials are paid separately. Any instructional materials will be recommended by the designated teacher or by the Centre, depending on the student’s needs and skills. Family/guardian’s desired instructional material from outside the Centre should be consulted and confirmed first by the teacher or by the Centre before usage. Students need to bring their music books, supplementary music sheets, notebooks or music books in a folder for every lesson.


  •  HMC reserves the right to hold all the student’s instructional activities if there is an unpaid account balance.


  • Missed Group Lessons

Missed group lessons will not be re-scheduled unless the school cancels the class. Homework assignments will be made available to parents and students for missed groups.

  • Missed Private Lessons

We are not able to carry forward lessons from one term to another or make adjustments in the fee for lessons cancelled/missed. No private make-up lessons will be offered for non-emergency cancellations, “no shows”, or last minute cancellations. Non-emergency cancellations such as birthday parties, school trips, family vacations, baseball games etc., last minute cancellations (without 24 hours’ notice), and “no shows” will necessitate charging the full lesson fee for the unused time reserved for the student. For all non-emergency cancellations students can attend unlimited group make up classes offered every Saturdays or any day that the teacher is available. However, there are some cases when we will try to accommodate our students with private make up classes:

  • All students who miss the classes during the first week of September due to late coming from summer holiday.

  1. All students whose lesson falls on the day when HMC is closed with regards of public holidays like Eid, Ashoora, New Year etc... 
  2. All lessons due to teachers absent.
  1. All students from Saudi Arabia if they informed us in advance 4 to 24 hours. Private make-up's for morning classes  might be done only in case of informing the Center in advance before 9 pm .
  2. All home lessons students if they informed us in advance 4 to 24 hours.
  3. All adult students if they informed us in advance 4 to 24 hours.
  4. All special needs students if they informed us in advance 4 to 24 hours.
  5. If student reported sick( sick note is required). In any other emergency cases such as death in family, accident, etc. we will try to find an alternative time for you if possible.
  6. Advance make-up classes might be scheduled for students who will be travelling during school holiday in December and April (two weeks’ notice to the center required)

Scheduled private make-up lessons confirmed then missed by the students will not be made up again.

  • Group Make up Lessons
  • Group make up lesson is one hour long  and it helps with all non-emergency missed classes
  • Students are learning music history, styles and genres through games, quizzes etc.
  • The class will be conducted with any HMC teacher upon availability.
  • We are arranging the group classes according to the age of the students.
  • Group make up class is scheduled one week ahead.

Cancelling  scheduled group make up class or confirming and not attending for any reason the lesson will be forfeited and will not be rescheduled.

All make-up classes should be done within a payment period. The extension for one week might be allowed only for the last two weeks absences of the previous payment period. 


  • Enrolling for lessons reserves your specific lesson time and tuition payments for the entire year from September to July.
  • However, we do understand that everyone stops taking lessons at some point. The decision to end lessons should be made with careful consideration, with discussion between parent, student, and teacher so that the lessons can end positively.
  • For this reason, we require 30 days’ written and paid notice prior to withdrawing from lessons. To discontinue lessons, a notification must be sent via e-mail to SusanCorpuz@bahrainharmony.com by the 1st of the month to stop enrollment for the following month.
  • All tuition fees must be paid in advance and is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE 


  • If  teacher  misses the lesson for any reason, the lesson might be substituted by another teacher or a private make up class will be provided  in case there is no teacher available . 
  • The substitute teacher will receive a lesson plan and comments from the regular teacher.
  • If the student does not show up for the class with substitute teacher, the class will be made up in a group.


  • Trinity Guildhall
  • Trinity Rock & Pop
  • HMG Internal exam

To enter examination student must attend classes twice a week

 as follow

  Initial - G 2

 30 min *2 a week

1hour Theory Group Class 

  G3 - G5

  45 min*2 a week

1hour Theory Group Class

  G6 - G8

 1hour*2 a week

  1hour Theory Group Class